Amber Ale

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Fat Tire Amber Ale

New Belgium Brewing ABV: 5.2%
Back in 1989, Colorado home- brewer Jeff Lebesch rode a fat-tired mountain bike through Belgium, sampling ales crafted with quirky yeasts, spices, and fruits—a lightbulb-lighting revelation. Upon flying home, the electrical engineer laid the groundwork for Fort Collins’s New Belgium Brewing Company, launching in 1991 with the subtly fruity Abbey and the bready, slightly nutty amber ale he dubbed Fat Tire. Fresh and balanced, Fat Tire remains iconic two decades later.

HopBack Amber Ale

Tröegs Brewing Company ABV: 6%
For a moment, we’d like you to envision a handsome amber ale that glows like rubies glinting in sunlight. Next, take that amber ale and run it through a hopback vessel filled with the choicest whole-flower hops. With each pass, more of the garden-fresh, intense, and spicy aromatics infuse the ale, providing a fine foil to the sweet caramel malt. That’s Tröegs HopBack, an amber ale fit for IPA junkies. It will always find a home in our refrigerator.

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