Baltic Porter

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No. 6 Porter

Baltika Breweries ABV: 7%
One of the pleasures of living in New York City is proximity to ethnic enclaves such as the Russian neighborhood of Atlantic Ocean–fronting Brighton Beach. When the summer sun beats down, bright and blistering, we book it to the beach and cool off with Baltika brews, especially the porter. This may seem counterintuitive, but lagers become less appealing as they warm up. Baltika No. 6 remains sweet and slick, offering black cherries, cocoa, and enough warming alcohol to make us fling ourselves into the crashing waves.

Sinebrychoff Porter

Oy Sinebrychoff Ab ABV: 7.2%
As you now know, the Baltic porter goes both ways: lager and ale yeast. This Finnish brewery founded by a Russian colonist opts for the top-fermenting route, using the Guinness yeast strain to produce its porter. (The brewery’s original yeast strain died during Finland’s 1919– 1932 Prohibition.) The unfiltered result is blacker than a busted Bic pen, flaunting its opulent chocolate cake aroma and flavors of raisins, figs, and coffee-splashed bittersweet chocolate. The ample booze conceals itself like a chameleon.

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