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Pandora's Bock

Breckenridge Brewery ABV: 7.5%
To survive a snow-swept Colorado winter (or just an afternoon on the slopes), may I suggest Colorado- based Breckenridge’s Pandora’s Bock? The mahogany lager’s flavor is caramel to the core, presenting a perfume like a holiday snack bowl: toasted pecans and walnuts and dark fruit. Consider the alcohol a concealed weapon.

Einbecker Ur-Bock Dunkel

Einbecker Brauhaus ABV: 6.5%
The birthplace of bock does not disappoint with the self-named “original” offering, a garnet looker topped by a tight, creamy head. The sweet and toasty aroma skips from caramel to brown sugar, leading to a full body and somewhat sticky flavors of molasses, bready malt, and raisins. You’ll dig the dry and spicy finish.

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