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Double Bock

Samuel Adams ABV: 9.5%
This doppelbock is a love letter to malt, with around half a pound of barley required for each 12-ounce bottle of the crimson-brown beer. As a result of the gargantuan grain bill, there’s plenty of rich and chewy candy-shop sweetness to be savored. Caramelized sugars and molasses are underscored by a subtle balancing bitterness. Double Bock will warm you like a wool sweater.

Ayinger Doppelbock

Brauerei Aying ABV: 6.7%
In our book, the ne plus ultra of doppelbocks is Ayinger Celebrator. This striking mocha-brown brew delivers a nose of Christmas fruitcake and cocoa. Celebrator drinks nice and silky, with lip- licking flavors of chocolate, coffee, and all the dark fruits you could ever desire. P.S. Each bottle comes with a collectible goat trinket.
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