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Dortmunder Gold

Great Lakes Brewing Company ABV: 5.8%
In a beer world loaded with wallop-your-palate flavors, Gold shines because of its circus-worthy balancing act between sweetly honeyed malt and grassy aromatic hops; it’s as brisk and gulpable as it is complex. The fat, creamy head will give you a beer mustache that will linger long after the dry, bitter conclusion. Sometimes you just want a beer you can knock back by the pint without blowing out your palate.
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Dog Days Dortmunder Style Lager

Two Brothers Brewing Company ABV: 5.1%
To remedy the last endlessly oppressive stretch of summer, I must prescribe this lager with the color of Fort Knox’s finest treasure. In Dog Days, the sibling- run Illinois brewery has devised a blend of caramel malts and German noble hops that drinks mellow and moderately bitter, presenting an appealingly earthy and mildly sweet grain profile. It’s kind of like liquid bread.

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