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Abita Brewing Company ABV: 8%
I’m a lover of all things Louisiana, and that includes the brews of Abita, especially its hazy Satsuma Wit, bold Jockamo IPA, and toffee- touched Turbodog. Also winning is the Andygator, a golden, slightly bitter creature with a smidgen of citrus on its nose and a light body that tastes of pears and apples topped with a spoonful of sugar
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Hofbrau Maibock

Staatliches Hofbräuhaus ABV: 7.2%
During the last week in April, Munich’s Hofbräuhaus taps the season’s first barrel of maibock, a moment you might like to circle on your calendar. Hofbräu’s clear copper maibock has a nose of honey, toffee, and toast as well as a sturdy malt backbone layered with caramel, brown sugar, and bitterness beneath the surface. The sweetness never gets cloying.
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