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Original Oktoberfest

Hacker-Pschorr Bräu München ABV: 5.8%
This Bavarian brewery offers a textbook example of the classic Oktoberfest lager. The tawny märzen makes itself known with a clean, toasty-sweet scent tempered by a touch of spicy hops. The taste is what you should expect but rarely receive: smooth and pleasantly sweet (honey, nuts) with a dry close. Savor it alongside a bratwurst.
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Brooklyn Brewery ABV: 5.5%
Brooklyn Brewery does a splendid job with traditional German lagers, including a Vienna-style beauty, a snappy pilsner, and the Oktoberfest, which was first introduced in 2000. Brewmaster Garrett Oliver relies on Bavarian heirloom Munich and pilsner malts and German noble hops to create this full-bodied lager with bready notes and a scintilla of bitterness.

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