Milk Stout

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Milk Stout Nitro

Left Hand Brewing Co. ABV: 6%
Capped under pressure with nitrogen (the gas that gives draft Guinness its creaminess), this stout charges from the bottle with masses of microscopic bubbles that cascade into a thick head that’s as sumptuous as an angel’s pillow. Expect a luscious creaminess and flavors of roast and milk chocolate. Pro tip: turn the bottle upside down and pour the beer like you’re shaking ketchup from a Heinz 57 bottle. We promise you that the beer will rarely foam over.

Young’s Double Chocolate Stout

Wells & Young’s Brewing Company ABV: 5.2%
Break out the brownies and ice cream when uncapping this British stout with a chocolate flavor so nice they named it twice. A healthy measure of chocolate malt joins forces with bona fide dark chocolate, chocolate essence, and a “special blend of sugars” (shh . . . it’s lactose) to create a voluptuous pitch-black potion that surprisingly doesn’t taste as sweet as a candy shop. It’s silken perfection—if you like chocolate.

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