Munich Dunkel

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Harpoon Dark

Harpoon Brewery ABV: 5.9%
Boston’s first commercial brewery knocks it out of Fenway Park with the medium-bodied Dark, a rich dunkel that delights with its earthy, chocolaty flavors mixed with a splash of coffee. Instead of following a strict Munich script, the lager deviates with a refreshing bit of bitterness.

Spaten Munchen Dunkel

Spaten-Franziskaner-Bräu ABV: 5.2%
The pride of Munich presents itself with the color of root beer, topped by a dense and short head that’ll disappear faster than my friends when we’re settling a bar tab. The scent is baked bread cut with herbal hops and caramel candy, flavors that you’ll find as you take each slick, well-carbonated sip.

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