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Sockeye Red IPA

Midnight Sun Brewing Co. ABV: 5.7%
Anchorage, Alaska’s marvelous Midnight Sun offers the lights-out Sockeye, named after a salmon breed. Mimicking the fish’s flesh, Sockeye has a reddish-amber hue, along with a pungent whiff of pine resin, ripe citrus, and biscuits rising in the background. Resin reappears in the flavor alongside grapefruit, but they’re ironed out by sweet caramel.

Hop Head Red

Green Flash Brewing Co. ABV: 7%
The color tone comes courtesy of caramel malts, which give the crimson IPA a rich base. From that springboard, the beer leaps into a bitter sea bobbing with pine trees and grapefruit before surfacing for a slick finish. P.S. There’s an overpowering floral perfume because the brewers dry-hop the dickens out of Head.

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