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Bières de Chimay ABV: 8%
Crack this tripel’s trademark snow-white cap and you’ll unleash a yeasty, hop-forward aroma with notes of juniper, apricots, and candied orange peel. Poured into a chalice, the tripel presents a cloudy golden body and a head that calls to mind cotton blossoms. Tripel drinks dry and gently bitter with a great grassy aspect and just enough sweetness to make you lick your lips in anticipation of another sip. Remember that in 750-ml bottles the Tripel is known as Cinq Cents. Buy it and share with friends.

La Fin du Monde

Unibroue ABV: 9%
We were first introduced to this tripel about eight years ago at a beer festival, where an enthusiastic, and plainly pickled, brewery rep kept screaming, “It’s the end of the world, but you keep coming back for more!” Curious, I inched over, finding the Quebec-brewed La Fin du Monde—French for “the end of the world.” The creamy ale is Canada’s most medal-laden beer owing to its seamless blend of Champagne fizz, yeasty and floral aromatics, and a dry drinkability that’s smoother than a French pickup artist.

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