Triple IPA

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Hop Dam

Hoppin' Frog Brewery ABV: 10%
To manufacture this bitter monster, the Ohio brewery specially built a stainless steel “dam” for the brew kettle to hold back the hops. Expect to be swept under by citrus and pine, with a caramel lifeboat to keep you afloat. As the brewery says, “It’s like kissing a hop.” If the triple IPA is too intense, give the Mean Manalishi Double IPA a spin.

Devil Dancer

Founders Brewing Company ABV: 12%
This struttin’ Satanic IPA undergoes a lengthy 26-day stint of dry-hopping with a blend of 10 different hops. The sinus-clearing aroma smacks your sniffer with pine resin, citrus, flowers, and toasted malts. When sipped, the syrup-sticky, red Devil Dancer woozily spins you around toffee, caramel, and pine, before dropping you for a brutally bitter finish.

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